Welcome to Amanita Awakens

At Amanita Awakens, I believe in the transformative power of nature and its profound impact on our lives. My mission is twofold: to provide a platform where you can easily access high-quality Amanita Muscaria products for your well-being, and to enrich your understanding of these natural treasures, fostering personal growth, encouraging deeper connections with nature, and offering tools for transformation.

Our Journey to Awakening

My journey to creating Amanita Awakens was inspired by my personal transformation—how Amanita Muscaria helped me reduce my reliance on ADHD medication significantly. This awakening to the power of plant medicines over the last decade has fueled my interest in living a life deeply connected with nature. I began to question why such effective natural products were overlooked by mainstream systems, especially when their healing compounds hold untapped potential due to the pharmaceutical industry’s focus on synthetic solutions. Starting with tea for family and friends, the overwhelmingly positive feedback I received inspired me to advance towards creating Amanita Awakens.

What Sets Us Apart

Amanita Awakens stands unique in Ireland, not just as a provider of Amanita-related products but as a source of knowledge and personal guidance in this field. With my eclectic background, including a decade of deep personal work through shamanic practice and ancient healing rituals, I offer an intimate, personalised service. I am committed to ensuring you work with Amanita Muscaria responsibly and consciously, fostering a genuine connection with this remarkable mushroom.

For Seekers, Dreamers, and Visionaries

You, the seeker of balance, creativity, and deeper truths, are at the heart of Amanita Awakens. If you’re drawn to the enigmatic call of Amanita Muscaria, seeking to explore your inner psyche or find a grounding presence in your life, this is your sanctuary. Amanita Awakens is here to support your journey toward harnessing your creative energy, discovering balance, and uncovering the truths about life and yourself.

Core Values

Integrity and Authenticity: I’m committed to transparency and genuine care in my work. Amanita Awakens is about your healing and navigating your journey with Amanita Muscaria safely and responsibly.

Empowerment Through Education: I aim to empower you with knowledge and guidance, addressing your questions personally and planning comprehensive resources to help you connect with the mushroom’s voice.

Community and Connection: Through conscious dance events and workshops, I foster a community where personal connections thrive, supported by the mindful use of Amanita Muscaria.

Respect for Nature and Tradition: Ethical sourcing and transparency in my practices reflect my deep respect for the earth and its ancient wisdom.

Innovation and Collaboration: I listen to your needs and explore creative engagements with Amanita Muscaria, embracing collaboration and innovation in our journey together.

Big Love,


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