A Friendly Heads-Up: The Amanita Awakens Disclaimer

Hello there! I’ve got a few quick safety notes to share (promise, they’ll be snappy!):

  • What’s in Store: Our Amanita Awakens wellness gifts, especially those starring the intriguing Amanita Muscaria, are here for your ornamental or educational enjoyment. A gentle reminder: they’re not for snacking or brewing!
  • Safety Dance: We source our Amanita caps straight from the lush lands of Wicklow, Ireland and the biodiverse Ryazan Oblast region of Russia, with lots of love and care. But, as much as we adore them, they’re strictly for admiring, not eating. Should you decide to dine on them, you’re venturing into solo territory, and we can’t be your dance partners in what follows.
  • Nature’s Quirks: Every piece in our collection is a natural wonder, which means they’re all beautifully unique. Variations in their look and feel are part of their charm and don’t change their value or how you should use them.
  • Just So You Know: We do our best to keep our info as accurate as a finely-tuned fiddle, but now and then, a detail might slip through the cracks. We encourage a little detective work on your part for the latest scoop.
  • Not Doc Advice: Our insights are all about sparking curiosity and leading you on a journey of discovery, not replacing professional medical wisdom. Always chat with a healthcare guru before embarking on new wellness adventures.
  • Grown-Ups Only: Our goodies are strictly for the adult crowd. Snagging something from us means you’re confidently saying, “Yes, I’m absolutely old enough!”
  • Know the Rules: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves knowing the ins and outs of your local laws about keeping and using our products. We’re all for creativity and exploration, but staying on the right side of the law is key.

By picking something from our collection, you’re nodding along to these points. We’re here to sprinkle a bit of magic into your world with products that echo wellness and creativity. Thanks a ton for understanding and for joining us responsibly on this journey!


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